Q: What’s included in my service?

Answer: One weekly garbage pick-up and one weekly recycling pick-up, on separate days.


Q: Where should I put my cans out for collection?

Answer: Cans should be placed in the driveway where our drivers have direct and easy access to your cans. Please be sure there are no vehicles or obstacles in the way.


Q: How should I put out my garbage and recycling?

Answer: Garbage must always be placed inside garbage bags that are tied shut and then placed in the can; we do not collect any loose garbage. Recycling should always be rinsed clean of any food residue/oils and placed loose inside your can; recycling should never be placed in plastic bags. Cans should always be secured with lids to prevent water or animals from getting inside.


Q: When will my garbage and recycling be picked up?

Answer: Depending on where you live, you will either be picked up Monday for garbage, Thursday for recycling, OR  Tuesday for garbage, Friday for recycling. We cannot guarantee a specific time frame, only a specific pick-up day. Our drivers start their routes around 3:30 am, so it’s always best to put your cans out the night before so as not to be missed.


Q: What happens if I forget to put my cans out in time?

Answer: We understand that life gets busy and we all forget to put our cans out sometimes. Please contact us and we’ll come out again if we’re able to. For those who forget repeatedly within a one-year time span, there may be an extra charge.


Q: When would I need a special pick-up?

Answer: Anytime you have large or bulky items outside of regular garbage/recycling, or if you have extra garbage/recycling (from a party, cleanout). Please call in advance to schedule your pick-up for the next available Wednesday.


Q: Is there an extra charge for a special pick-up?

Answer: Yes, there is an extra charge, and the amount depends on what the items are (how big, how heavy, how many, etc). Please email us a picture to receive an estimate.



Q: I’m having a problem with animals getting into my cans, what should I do?

Answer: To prevent animal issues, we recommend:

  • Using Toters, which are cans on wheels with a flip top lid.
  • Keeping cans 3-4’ away from fences, stonewalls, trees, other cans, or anything else that can be climbed up on by critters.
  • Using bungee cords or clamps to secure the lids on cans.
  • Cleaning cans out periodically with bleach or ammonia to kill any odors and bacteria.


For health reasons, we don’t allow our drivers to touch cans/garbage that has been chewed through by an animal. Loose garbage should then be rebagged for the next collection.


Q: Why was my garbage/recycling collection missed or partially picked up?


  • The cans were not out in time for collection
  • There were vehicles blocking our access
  • There were animals or children out in the driveway area at the time of collection
  • The wrong items were put out on the wrong day
  • The drivers left behind items that would require a special pick-up, or items that we cannot take
  • The driveway conditions were not safe at the time of pick-up


Q: How do I pay my bill?


  • Online at trashbilling.com (one-time payments, or enroll in automatic payments)
  • Mail in a check to P.O. Box 73, Greens Farms, CT 06838.
  • Call our office at 203-222-0091 and pay over the phone with a credit/debit card.


Q: Am I locked into a service contract?

Answer: We do not have service contracts; customers are free to cancel service at any time.



Q: I’m going away, can I pause service?

Answer: Yes, you are welcome to suspend service for any period of time. We offer a credit when a customer is away for 2 weeks (4 consecutive pick-ups) or more and has notified us in advance.